Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Turnwold Plantation, Putnam Co., GA

This is the second Turnwold plantation in Putnam Co., GA. My Turner family came from Dinwiddie Co., Virginia, to Georgia. This Turnwold was acquired by Joseph Addison Turner (1826 - 1868). The original Turnwold was on land adjacent to this site and was inherited (I'm working from memory here) by Joseph Addison Turner's brother, William Turner (1830 - 1879). The Turner family cemetery is on the site of the original Turnwold. I've not seen the cemetery since to do so I'd have to climb over a fence, walk through a pasture of bulls, find the cemetery, and avoid snakes along the way.

There is a cemetery at the second Turnwold -- but that cemetery is for the Alexander family. The home at the second Turnwold was built by William Alexander and was sold to Joseph Addison Turner 1851. The deed conveying the property contained this statement, "...William Alexander do reserve for himelf his burial ground 40 ft by 30 unto him the same Joseph A. Turner his heirs and assignees forever defend the rights and perfect title of said trace of land unto him the said Joseph A. Turner his heirs and asigns."

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